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Everybody has a dream. A child might have a dream to become a police officer when he grows up, an adolescent might have a dream to become rich when he grows up, 
and an adult might have a dream to see his children grow old and happy.
This is the philosophy behind the Yatim Foundation. Yatim is a word in the Dari language (most commonly used language in Afghanistan) which means Orphan. We see the orphan children of Afghanistan as our children, and our dream is to see them grow old and happy.

The streets in Afghanistan count thousands of orphans below the age of 10, struggling on a daily base to survive, to find food and a place to sleep. These kids lost both their parents, and don’t have any relatives who can take care of them. This is mainly due to the circumstances in Afghanistan. A country where war has been raging for decades, and where civilians get killed on a daily base. For these kids everyday is a new struggle. A new struggle to survive. Survive in a country where food and clean drink water is extremely hard to find. Let alone toys, education or proper healthcare.

Our dream is to see these orphan children grow old and happy. To give these children a chance to live their lives. With your help, we can provide them with a home, healthy food, education and healthcare. With your donations we can provide them a future.

How can you help us?
  1. Companies | Companies can become a sponsor. This means you help us finance our project activities and with your permission we will present your company name and logo in our website in the “Partners” section.
  2. Donators | Individuals who can afford it are asked to provide us with donations. This can be either a one time donation, or you can do this on a regular base.
  3. Friends | Individuals can become a friend of the Yatim Foundation. We need as many people as possible to promote the Yatim Foundation. This can be done by telling your friends and relatives about out cause and hopefully, they’ll help us help the orphan children of Afghanistan as well.

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